Harnessing the power of this series of tubes

November 16, 2011

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Last night I woke up to feed G and couldn’t go back to sleep for a little while. Why? Because I had a brilliant idea.

Or perhaps a crazy idea.

Or even a really bad idea.

Probably an idea that someone else has had already, but I only just thought of it, so it’s my idea now.

I only started hanging out on twitter a few weeks ago.  I figured I should really get with the times and figure out that whole “tweeting” thing.  Once I was participating I learned about twitter parties.  And they sound cool, but I’m never available when they’re happening so I keep missing out.

What if, I thought, there was a different kind of twitter party?  One that took a long time (so I could be involved when it was convenient for me), but produced something cool?  Like a story!

And so, with no more ado, I present to you:

TwitterLiterature 2011

At the beginning of December (so that both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo are complete) I’ll begin a two-week long twitter party.  And at this party, we’re going to write a story, together.

You can find the Rules of Engagement on the new TwitterLiterature 2011 page on my site.

In order to entice my tweeps (and those of you who are not yet my tweeps) to participate, I’m taking a page out of The Robot Mommy’s book and I’m going to make this a charity event.

I will be donating a certain amount of money to my project of choice at Donors Choose based on the number of people who register (and actually participate) in the party, and the amount of story that gets written.

I haven’t fully decided how much per participant, or per word yet, because I have no idea how many of you out there will be interested, and I don’t want to accidentally get myself on the hook to donate 10 large… I don’t have that kind of money.

So as we get closer to the start date, I’ll announce the money amounts so you know how much I’ll be shelling out.

I would encourage you to participate in one of two ways (or both even!)

1. Become a part of the story.  See the Rules of Engagement and sign up for the party and help us create!

2. Sponsor a participant with donations, or sponsor the entire story with donations to a charity of your choice.

I’m confident that with the peeps I’ve met so far out here on the interwebs, we can raise some dough for those in need, as well as write a pretty darn good yarn.

Please join us!  You may register here.

Thanks in advance, and happy Wednesday!!!


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2 Comments on “Harnessing the power of this series of tubes”

  1. Lance Says:

    Great idea…I’m in


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