November 10, 2011


OK, I’m ashamed to say that I have nothing to say today.  But, there’s the god of NaBloPoMo to appease, so here I am anyway.

I’m just glad that appeasing the NaBloPoMo god doesn’t require sacrifice in a volcano, although at least that would give me something interesting to write about.  Then again, I’d be dead.  Do you suppose there are bloggers in heaven?

I did take this opportunity to set up the Peek-A-Boo page where you may view pictures of the Non-Novel-Writing Family.  If you comment, please be kind, or at least funny. 😉

Also, a fellow blogger graciously mentioned my blog in a post so I’d like to return the love.  Please go visit Frances at Simply Frances.  Frances has been blogging for years, and from what I’ve seen so far, she’s quite entertaining.  Also, she’s feeling poorly, send her some healthy thoughts along with your comment love.

In the grand style of all great blog-blocked writers, I thought I might take a poll to see if anyone wants to put their oar in and choose the topic of Saturday’s post:


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