Thankful Tuesdays: It Really Could Have Been Worse

November 8, 2011

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Dear G,

I’d like to take a moment to thank you.  Last night when you woke up at 12:45 AM, you were very considerate.

Thank-you for allowing me to hold you down so that you wouldn’t climb on the headboard.  And especially, thank-you for not screaming bloody murder when I did so.

Thank-you for not trying very hard (and not for too long) to wake Daddy up by crawling on top of him and attempting to peel off his nasal strip.  That always makes him cranky, and I prefer him not cranky.

Thank-you for speaking in a voice that was loud, but not ear-splitting.  And may I say, you’re really getting great at those new consonants g and d, good job!

Thank-you for burrowing into my armpit with your head, and Daddy’s side with your feet (making a lovely “H” in the bed, hey, there’s another letter you’re getting good at!) instead of trying to crawl off the edge of the mattress.

Thank-you for clapping super-quietly when you decided that, having been up for an hour playing quietly in bed, you were proud of yourself.  I do like seeing you clap and smile.  It almost made me less crazy.

Thank-you for attempting to show me how grateful you are to be breast-fed by repeatedly climbing and contorting to get to the non-dud and latching on for two seconds only to pop back off, smile, clap, and coo as if to say “Yay for mommy breasts!”.

Thank-you for making your opinion resoundingly apparent when you accidentally latched on to the dud – hitting it is a really clear response when it doesn’t give you the milk you want.  Great communication skills.

Thank-you for realizing you were actually quite tired and laying down, and then sitting up because it’s fun to tease mommy.  And doing that again and again for another thirty minutes.

Thank-you for finally falling asleep on my face with my arm around you because that was apparently the only way you were assured that I knew how much you love me.

And lastly, thank-you for being sound enough asleep in the end for me to move you off of my face back into your middle-of-the-bed utopia where you immediately turned onto your back, threw both arms out to the side as wide as they would go (’cause really, Daddy and I don’t need that much space in the queen-size), giggled loudly so that I was sure you were actually awake, and then went back to being comatose.

The night really could have been so much worse.  For this I am thankful.

All my (tired) love,


G Sleep Stretch

Oh to sleep like that again...


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4 Comments on “Thankful Tuesdays: It Really Could Have Been Worse”

  1. Mrs. H Says:

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday on my SITS day!


  2. Monique Says:

    Hahaha! I think we’ve all been there, and can relate … love your humor. I especially love the ‘bananas over mommy’ onesie on your little one — he certainly IS bananas over you. isn’t he?


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