Unfortunate grammar…

October 20, 2011


Ok.  I know that the interwebs give us the ability to get important news out to the masses quickly.  Unfortunately, it appears that proper editing of news articles has gone out the window.  I’m starting a series of Unfortunate Grammar posts.  Here’s our first!

From this article on Yahoo News just now:

“At the height of his ability to threaten terrorism, President Ronald Reagan dubbed Gadhafi the “mad dog of the Middle East.” ”

I’m pretty sure the author didn’t actually intend to indicate that Ronald Reagan had a point in his career where he was ordering terrorist attacks (all peanut gallery comments about Nicaragua aside).

Does this kind of thing bother anyone else or am I just a grammar fuddy-duddy?


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One Comment on “Unfortunate grammar…”

  1. ADL Says:

    Not only do the grammatical faux-pas give me a bull’s anger, but I can’t stand when reporters refuse to name the relationships between family members when there is murder or incest — and this only where said members belong to certain churches and cults. Other than that your average person is fair game for reporter-outing to the public. What’s up with that? Why are only certain pricks protected? Because they are “worshippers?” Blood boil time.


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