Once more with feeling

October 6, 2011


Why am I writing another blog?  Or, more correctly, why am I attempting to write another blog?  One reason is that I’ve been inspired by women whose writing fills me with joy, laughter, and longing: Galit Breen and Erin Dionne.  Another is that I have an unnerving desire to write and the fact that I haven’t been has been slowly gnawing away at me.  I was reading McSweeney’s the other day and registered an almost physical pain in my chest at the thought that I will most likely never submit an item.  There are still other reasons which will almost certainly be fodder for future posts.

There are reasons that this is not going to work.  My son is 7 months old and I find myself generally wanting to spend all of my free time with him, even when he’s asleep.  This means I get absolutely nothing else done, except perhaps catching up on strangely-addicting television shows on low volume.  Thank-you notes go unwritten.  Laundry waits until the last possible minute (because, unlike when I was younger, I can’t just run out and buy more underwear).  If it weren’t for the dishwasher and my fantastic husband, the kitchen would not be a fit place for human life.

I don’t know if it speaks to the human spirit, or just my own contrariness that I am attempting to write despite my various excuses.  Regardless, here I am.  I’m not even going to promise to post frequently, instead I’ll just be happily surprised when I do.

Thanks for reading!


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