Not much to report…

June 28, 2010

Eating, Pregnancy 1

…though I did have a lovely time on Saturday with a friend who’s in from out of town. I needed a girlie day, and since she has two little ones of her own (including a 2.5 month old) it was great hearing her perspective on things.

Generally I’ve been pretty darn tired. Normally I can’t nap if I try, but I’m all over the naps right now. It’s actually pretty nice.

It looks like I’ve got my first food aversion, though aversion might be too strong of a word. Apparently I no longer like zucchini – what has been my go-to veg for a while now. It’s a real bummer… but at least when I tried to eat it, it just tasted bad instead of making me heave.

Hrm, as I’m writing this I’m starting to feel a little queasy, but it’s probably all in my head.

Lots of exciting things coming up! This weekend is the 4th, so that means going to the cottage for fireworks and kayaking (not at the same time, don’t worry).

Next Monday is my 2-year wedding anniversary w/ M, yay! I think it might be great to start telling the population at large about B on that day. 🙂

Next Wednesday is my first CNM appt of the pregnancy. It’ll be a full physical and blood tests (probably urine too, oh boy). No ultrasound, but I’m not surprised at all. The CNM and her group are not test-happy — I’ll have to be patient for my first US as there’s really no medical need to have one this soon.

Ok, back to work!!


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