Those wacky calendars!

December 17, 2006


I guess it’s that time of year again… we got Indian food today. Remember that calendar I got last year that had recipes for non-Indian food? This year they’ve actually improved the calendar selection (well, a little). This year we’re treated to “Views of San Francisco.”

But this isn’t your regular “Views of San Francisco” calendar. No, this one comes with handy-dandy stickers for those of us who are too challenged to actually write anything on our calendars.


In other (more important) news, I finally said good-bye to Foobar and Killer today. After much agonizing, and not being able to find homes for them with friends (or friends of friends), I surrendered them to Animal Care and Control. Now before you disown me completely for this, AC&C is actually pretty cool with adoptable cats. They’ll try to adopt them out. If they can’t, then the SPCA will take them and try to adopt them out. If the SPCA can’t do it, then there are about 5 different rescue agencies that work directly with the SPCA to find a suitable home instead of euthanizing.

I’m trying to make myself feel better about this by telling myself that will all their resources, AC&C and the SPCA have a much better chance of screening possible owners and finding a good place for Foo and K.

But honestly I’m miserable. I took them in and before I could even talk to the people at the front desk I was crying. Crying hard. One of the guys behind the desk was wonderful and brought me a box of tissues. And of course, Safe-Dancing-Guy was there to hold my hand and keep me from degenerating into a useless sack of saline.

I’ve been given ID numbers for Foo and K, and I can call AC&C and check on their status — whether or not they’ve been deemed “adoptable”, and whether or not they’ve been adopted.

Of course, if they’re not deemed “adoptable” I might have to reconsider and find another way. I think there are rescue groups that will take “un-adoptable” pets for rehab/behavior therapy (to bring the cat to “adoptable” status), but if not, I may need to adopt them back or something.

I can’t image that they’re not adoptable. Both are healthy and so friendly. Killer’s only real downside is that she won’t shut up and is a little demanding. But I really don’t see that it would prevent her from being adopted.

Anyway… I’m hoping that some families decide to adopt some cats this Christmas. I’m hoping that Foo and K will find homes with loving people who’ll be able to give them the attention and care that I can’t. That will be the best Christmas gift I could get this year.



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