February 23, 2006


You know when you hear a new song… and the first time you hear it, it doesn’t really faze you. And then you’re driving home late at night and the iPod shuffles it up and all. of. a. sudden. you’re. hooked.

Hooked as in you play it over and over again when you’re in the car next. You also have a remix of the song, and you play that over and over again too.

You can’t quite put your finger on why this song has such a powerful hold on you. But there it is and you’ll be humming it unconsciously at work for days to come. Your coworkers will start walking by your cubicle with pointed stares and you’ll be oblivious — lost in your new world of The Song.

I’m hooked on a song right now. “All The Arms Around You Now” by Halloween, Alaska. Here are the words because I can’t get them out of my head and you’re going to participate in my obsession.

when the vapor hits the air
when the button feels your touch
it’s fall just like you said
it’ll fall just like you said

into some forgotten sea
where the envy and the hate
swim around like figure eights
swim around like figure eights

we descend
so easily
and give it up
for short term memory

fight your nature
if you can
and hope for heaven
where we land

all the arms around you now
could they ever catch you then
first you tell me not to fret
then you frighten me again

can’t you listen to the least?
can’t you do with any less?
I was only getting dressed
now I’m getting disaffected and

you’re the brother and the beast
you’re the friend I knew the best
can’t you listen to the past?
can’t you let this sickness pass?

it’ll fall just like you said
it’ll fall just like you said
it’ll fall just like you said
it’ll fall just like you said


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5 Comments on “hooked”

  1. blogginglily Says:

    There’s a spongebob episode that addresses this phenomenon.



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