no longer safe

January 18, 2006


Yes. The time has come. Safe-dancing-guy is no longer safe and we’ve stopped dating.

I’m a little more sad about this than I thought I would be. Me with all my careful walls.

He still wants to “talk” but I can’t imagine that things will change.

He doesn’t know what he wants… doesn’t know if he wants to be tied down, or if he did, who he’d want to be tied down to. I can understand this, and appreciate his honesty.

At this point I’m just not willing to share. I’m too emotionally invested. So I’m cutting ties.

I’m not angry or bitter, just sad that it didn’t work out.

But I’d rather know now than later.


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One Comment on “no longer safe”

  1. sweeney_o Says:

    Men are stupid, V. I’m sorry. I wish I could explain it. I wish I could help.
    We need to get together and write. 🙂


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