O Holy Night

December 26, 2005


Does anyone on earth love Christmas carols as much as I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Kids, I have had a crazy Christmas.

I drove 4 hours, and arrived Christmas Eve to find my step-mother totally drunk. She spent the evening alternately apologizing and telling me the same story (again and again) about her neighbor. We give each other pajamas every Christmas Eve that we must wear Christmas morning as we open presents. She opened hers, and I opened mine. Then, later on, she forgot I’d opened mine already and sent me to open it again.

We went to bed early.

Christmas morning I wrapped gifts that I had only managed to buy the day before on the trip down south. The wrapping was actually nice. Normally it’s not my fave part of the Christmas experience. However, that morning, it allowed me to calm a bit, and think about each person as I wrapped their gift — why that person is special to me, why I got them that particular gift.

Due to a snafu, we ended up ordering Chinese delivery for dinner.

Yes, broccoli beef and general tsao’s chicken for Christmas dinner.

I drove home today. I go to work tomorrow. To god-awful, I’m-not-sure-I-can-take-it-any-more work.

For NYE I’m going to be in Green Bay. The first NYE in a few years that I’m actually dating someone and could get a NYE kiss at midnight. And I won’t be here. But even if I were here, it wouldn’t be guaranteed. Safe-dancing-guy isn’t safe in some ways. Take, for example, that we’re not exclusively dating. It’s not a bad thing… it just means that if, at his NYE party he invited all the various women he’s dating (I actually have no idea if he’s dating anyone else right now), I can imagine that he might avoid the whole kiss thing entirely.

Here’s the rub with being a girl and not dating exclusively. If you’re a guy, it’s culturally acceptable to date many women at the same time. It doesn’t exactly work that way for girls. Guys find out you’re dating, and as long as they’re not sleazebags, they tend to stay away regardless of the fact that you’re not really “taken.” At least, this is what my meager experience has taught me.

Enough. I think I’m whining. šŸ˜›

I hope you all are having wonderful holidays, and I’ll sing Christmas carols to you all in my heart!


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