Friday night.

December 16, 2005


And what a hell of a week it’s been.

My fave customers are having serious issues with their servers that took me much longer to fix than I’m comfortable admitting.

Today I got in a fight with my boss. Knock-down, drag-out. At least he and I are good at making up after such things and my job isn’t at risk.

[Momentary interruption… my tivo is playing “Mad Max” and I have just witnessed a scene that convinces me that men and tight pants were never supposed to be together — let alone filmed.]

I’ve been horribly neglecting my cats because I’ve hardly been home at all.

I lost a cherished co-worker this week to a more attractive job opportunity. I’ll miss him tremendously.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be missing another co-worker soon, and losing that one might actually threaten my sanity.


But it’s not all bad. I had Ethiopian food this week. I got to see people I’ve not seen in ages. I got to go get drunk with my co-workers while eating lovely French food. I saw “The Chronicles of Narnia” with good friends. I got to give Christmas presents that were well-received. I watched a modern dance performance. I danced at 9:20 Special. I had a belated birthday jam that was incredibly fun. I haven’t had a hangover. I got to hug someone that I don’t normally get to hug.

I. Get. To. Sleep. In. Tomorrow.

[Mad Max just drove off towards the horizon… with what appeared to be a broken leg, and in a vehicle that appeared to be a stick-shift. But then, nothing else in the movie was believable, so I’m not sure at all why this bit strikes me as odd.]



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