breathless with anticipation

November 1, 2005


Boy do I have a fun night planned!!! Are you ready to hear what’s on order?

First I will have the extraordinary pleasure of sorting laundry! Yes, I know you’re jealous.

Next my friend Julie will pick me up and we will travel to… (drumroll please)… TARGET!!!!! Yes! Yes! I know! We shall go to Target where I am allowed to shop in the zippy cart made for gimpy people like myself. I WILL COMMAND THE AISLES! I will buy a new swiffer with the vacuum thingie. Yeah, I know you’ve been wanting one, but I’m getting one FIRST! HA! Also, pillows.

Then we’ll be whisked off to Julie’s apartment where we will partake in the particular joys of take-out Italian food and the apartment complex laundry room. Oh come on, I can see right through you. Tell you what, I’ll take pics of the laundry room and then you, too, can experience the awesomeness of the double-load washers and fabric-softener-stained concrete floors. šŸ™‚


Ok. So it’s not all that glamorous. But I am truly looking forward to getting out of my house. And the opportunity to do laundry (since I have no facilities in my own apt. building) is really a gift. Julie is the best friend ever!



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