Do we ever really leave high school?

October 31, 2005


So. I’ve fallen a couple of times on my crutches.

Attempting to do housework?


Trying to get dressed?


Taking a shower?


Unavoidable kittens underfoot/crutch?




Yes, boys. Well, men, I suppose. Put me in front of a guy I like and we’re talking instant gimpy-girl-on-crutches slapstick. It just doesn’t get better than this. Tonight, went to dinner with a bud. Had a crush on him for ages, and I suppose I still do to some extent though I have no illusions that we’d ever actually get together. Now, I’ve entered my apt. building several times on my own and have successfully navigated all the funky doors and the flights of stairs. I haven’t fallen ONCE. Tonight, however, my pretty boy opens the door and next thing you know I have the hand-eye coordination of an amoeba. I almost fell TWICE — just barely catching myself in time. Do I have to explain how embarrassing this is???

Saturday night it was cuddle-guy that got to witness two falls (one crushing, that had me in pain all day yesterday, and the other minor but no less hurtful to my pride) as we left a Halloween party.

Just shoot me now. 😦

And hand me the vicodin.


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