emergency beauty

October 10, 2005


Wow. I forget sometimes how girly I can be. Today all it took were two little words to throw me into a tizzy:

hot tub

Yes. Hot tub – tomorrow night. Invitation. Dinner and hot tub. EEK!

At first I had the bathing-suit crisis. Do I even own one that fits any more? I don’t think I’ve worn a bathing suit in two years at least. Must go bathing suit shopping after work.


Bathing suit… bikini line… WAX WAX WAX WAX alert. Danger Will Robinson! WARNING! WARNING!

I’m relying on the fact that I do, indeed, have a bathing suit that fits and have ditched the aforementioned shopping expedition in favor of a trip to the spa. That’s right. Wax, manicure, pedicure. (Incidentally, the pedicure will, I’m sure, be appreciated by my new podiatrist whom I’ll meet tomorrow morning.)

Another thought. Having never really dated before, I’m extraordinarily self-conscious. It’s ridiculous. Ridiculous, and dare I say it, a little bit fun. “Does that color bring out my eyes?” “Are red toenails sexy, or just slutty?” I’m in my very own neurotic episode of Sex And The City.

God help me. 😛


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