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It shouldn’t be this hard

January 28, 2014


Long-time readers know that I battle Depression.  Those of you who are new and would like to learn more can catch up on previous posts about that here. I was inspired to write today because Kimberly at All Work and no Play Make Mom Go Something Something is celebrating a mental health awareness day with […]

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Yup, I had a baby!

January 20, 2014


We have gone from a family of three to a family of four — a whole new world, as those of you who’ve been through it before know.  I am so much more ridiculously happy than I could possibly communicate here. And, because I find the whole thing surreal, I’d like to share E’s birth […]

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Hooray, I’m tan, sort-of.

June 14, 2013


Yup, you heard it here first! I’ve got “reader’s tan”.  It’s like “farmer’s tan,” but totally different. I’m going to take complete credit for making up the name (and I am NOT googling it first to find out how many other millions of people already coined the term, it’s more fun this way). What is […]

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